TGG's Sustainable
Rural Development Goals

16 Fundamental Pillars


TGG’s Sustainable Rural Development Goals and the subsequent programs and initiatives will be at the base of all social interactions that will take place in the new sustainable and responsible community. People of all ages will work in symbiosis with the surrounding environment. Respect for nature and the planet will imply a relationship based on mutual growth.

Nature will heal back only through human commitment, care & work, through agriculture, handicrafts & artisanal practices. Nature will sustain humans in their responsible lifestyle with its fruits because development cannot exist without nature. Social transformation and environmental concern will be intertwined, as the responsible human grows in a non-selfish way through an alternative educational system, combined with traditional heritage, aware of the planet that surrounds them and of its pace of replenishment. At the same time, biodiversity will thrive and nature will flourish and self-heal.

About Us

TGG India provides a single-window solution to all rural development activities and projects. We work together with organizations that rigorously engage themselves in working for the welfare of society.

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